There are several modern day maps of Poland which include the village of Lipowiec, and some historical maps as well. There are also several cities in Poland with the name Lipowiec, and there are also cities called Lipowiec in several other countries as well.

All of the maps presented include the Village of Lipowiec or it's location, which today is located in Southeastern Poland in the Carpathian mountains. The closest town Jasliska is approximately 2.25 miles north / northeast of the area where the churches were located in Lipowiec.

Lipowiec's coordinates are approximately (N49° 24’ 46", E21° 46' 47") (N49.41°, 21.78°) depending on the reference system being used.

When researchng villages of your ancestors remember that there might be several unique villages all with the same name you are researching. There are/were at least 12 villages named Lipowiec in Poland and at least one in the Ukraine.

The maps 1997 Rymanowa and 2000 Dukla I Okolice are very special maps. They are the only maps to data which includes the locations of several of the families who lived in Lipowiec. They were created by Wojciech Krukar author, geographer, and cartographer.

The 1936-1938 Wojskowy Instytut Geograficzny Polish map collection incl1890s KUK Specialkarte Dukla Pass 4267-2 1:25,000udes 18 maps of southeastern Poland. Over 300 Rusyn and Lemko villages can be located via a drop-down menu.

The 1942 200k Pulkovo Soviet map collection lists villages in Cyrillic alphabet ie. Липовець (Lipowiec).

The 1994

The 1879, 1938, 1944, 1947 maps are from the WIG collection which includes many high quality maps of Poland and other countries.

Most modern day maps use coordinates based on Greenwich. On several older maps the longitude indicates Ferro, this longitude is counted from El Hierro (also known as Ferro Island), which is about 17.4° West of Greenwich. For the maps that do use Ferro (Specialkarte, Austrian Hungary Military Maps, Maps before 1920s subtract 17.4 from the Longitude and your coordinates wil be close to those used on Greenwich based maps. The 1930s? KUK Specialkarte Vysni Svidnik (Dukla Pass)1:75,000 Czech Ver. includes both the Ferro and Greenwich markings.