Lipowiec (1527-1947)

Lipowiec was Lemko village which existed for hundreds of years in the southeastern Carpathain Mountains up until 1947. Lipowiec was north of the village of Czeremcha which also does not exist today and south of the modern day town of Jasliska. Most of the villagers of Lipowiec lived next to the stream Bielcza.

My Grandparents - Stefan Warianka & Anna Kopij

Stefan Warianka and Anna Kopij My Grandfather Stefan Waryanka was born in 1888 and my Grandmother Anna Kopij was born in 1893, both born in the Village of Lipowiec, Sanok District, Galicia Province, Austria-Hungary.

Families who lived in Lipowiec

Adamik, Bercznyi, Bigos, Bilawski, Burak, Burdasz, Dymon, Ferenc, Gamrat, Hatnij, Hrynicki, Hacko, Husowicz, Jaszczyszak, Jawornicki, Konasiewicz, Kopij, Kopcza, Kuchta, Kurdyla, Lehocki, Mac, Macenczak, Olejarczyk, Pawlus, Petronko, Pietrasz, Semko, Siwak, Stefura, Sztefura, Trubyla, Warcholik, Warianka, Wasiczko


I am interested in learning as much as I can about the village Lipowiec and the people who lived in the village where my grandparents were born. If you or relatives might be from this village, I would be very interested in talking to you, I live in the United States. I also have a very good friend who has authored several books, who lives in Poland and is also interested in learning more about Lipowiec. My mother can also speak in the language spoken by her parents if there are some who would like to communicate in the lanugauge spoken by those from Lipowiec. If you have ancestors that are from Lipowiec I would be happy to help you in what ever way I can to help you in discovering info about your ancestors.

john magyari